Stunning creative that works and technical development that astounds.


Design original

We’re passionate about design.  Classic design, clever design, hip design and avant-garde design, we love it all.  But mostly we love clean, elegant, simple and user-friendly design, because that’s the kind that works best in the digital environment.  

We don’t do design for its own sake - function and design have to work together. Some agencies treat designers as eccentric creatives and hide them away from the business side of life. We don’t. At tictoc we pursue a collaborative approach with designers working closely with strategists, developers, researchers and the client team.  But we never forget that we’re not designing for ourselves, or even for you as a client.  We’re designing for the target audience. It’s that User Experience again, the old UX - and that’s what makes the difference between good digital design and great digital design.


Ipad2 three col

Developing digital is the techie bit of the process. It’s about making things work. Things like websites, CMS, microsites, social integration and apps. And when it comes to development, we’re platform neutral, our strategists and developers work with our clients to choose the appropriate platform for the project in hand. Having said that, the majority of our work is created using open source tools.

We run an agile development studio. Not in the bendy toe touching sense, but in the adaptable, incremental and fluid sense. What does that mean to you? Quick development, collaboration, no surprises and flexibility.

And finally, we have to mention two words that are close to our hearts. (We might even consider getting tattoos.) The words are Accessibility and Security.  They sound contradictory, like Love and Hate (tattoos again).  But they don’t have to be.  With the right balance of open source, managed content and simple UX, digital can be a doddle for the audience and the client to use and enjoy. While robust security can be built in to make sure what needs to stay private, stays private.