Fully-integrated strategies achieving great return on investment.

Marketing & social

Marketing original

Digital marketing gets results. 

Of course, other marketing gets results too. But by its nature, digital is measurable and accountable. 

You can count the clicks and conversions, and work out the return on investment. Instantly. We’ve got case studies and figures to show just how powerful our past digital marketing campaigns have been - and as new platforms and techniques come on stream, it’ll just get better. 

At tictoc we research and implement complex digital marketing strategies at a global level. We also do highly effective, tightly-focussed digital marketing campaigns covering limited geographic areas, or niche markets. We develop strategies by considering every aspect of digital marketing, working with clients on a long-term, multi-project or multi-campaign basis and evolving strategies as we go.

As for social, we love it. So much so that we almost take it for granted, it’s the way we live now, and it’s the future, too. We would almost always include social marketing in the mix - not least because it can be phenomenally cost effective.

And for those who like the detail, further information on our specific digital marketing and social services...

Digital marketing services...

Search original

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

We understand SEO and its importance to your website. That’s why we provide natural search strategies that are focused on increasing visibility of you website. Our combination of technical SEO, content marketing, keyword targeting and on-page optimisation provide proven results with long-lasting user engagement.


Where there is natural, there is paid. Through our knowledge of the search environment, we know that paid adverts have a part to play in driving visibility, awareness and conversions. Our paid search strategies are often used to compliment or support natural activity. Using a combination of experience, market knowledge and an understanding of your website we can create and implement paid search campaigns that are built to last.

Social media

We build effective social campaigns and strategies that are focused on driving user engagement. Through a combined understanding of the social landscape, your audience and your goals, we create effective campaigns that allow our clients to reach their target audiences at a conversational level.

Digital advertising

Our knowledge of digital and social advertising platforms allows us to create compelling and highly effective campaigns that are focussed on delivering brand awareness as well as return on investment.

Email marketing

Working together with you, we can build a strong email marketing strategy covering everything from data capture, to segmentation, template design, delivery and most importantly, measurement.