How Scottish Renewables Streamlined Their Financial Management

by Stephen Brownsteele

As a small business owner, it can be a challenge to keep track of all the financial aspects of your business, including expenses, payroll, and accounting. However, using cloud-based accounting software like Xero can make this process much simpler. With Xero, you can easily manage your expenses, track your cash flow, and generate reports to monitor the financial health of your business.

But Xero can do even more than just that. By integrating Xero with your website, you can streamline your financial management processes even further. At tictoc, we recently integrated Xero with Scottish Renewables' custom-built CRM, membership, and event ticketing system using Xero's "Custom Connection" feature. This integration allowed us to automate many of the financial management tasks that Scottish Renewables were performing manually, saving them both time and money.

To find out how we did it and how seamlessly integrating Xero with your website can help your business grow, read on. 

Understanding Integration Needs

Scottish Renewables represents a wide range of companies involved in renewable energy, including wind, solar, hydro, marine, and bioenergy. Its members include project developers, manufacturers, utilities, consultants, and other organisations involved in the renewable energy industry. Scottish Renewables also organises events and conferences throughout the year, providing a platform for members to showcase their products and services, share knowledge and network with other professionals in the industry. They were a great candidate for Xero integration.

Scottish Renewables wanted to simplify  their invoicing system and automate their payment processing. They also needed to update their customer information in Xero in real-time whenever a customer signed up for a membership or purchased an event ticket on their website. By understanding their integration needs, we were able to develop a custom solution that met their specific requirements.

Choosing the Right Integration Method

We chose to use Xero's "Custom Connection" feature. Xero's Custom Connect  is a powerful tool that allows businesses to integrate their own custom software with Xero's API without requiring users to log in to both systems for authentication. This feature enables businesses to automate their financial workflows and increase efficiency by syncing data between their custom software and Xero's accounting software. We found this to be a more efficient approach compared to using Xero's API directly.

One key advantage of using Xero's Custom Connect feature is that it allows businesses to maintain control over their data while still taking advantage of Xero's accounting software. Businesses can customise the integration to meet their specific needs and ensure that their data is synced accurately and securely.

Implementing the Integration

Once we had chosen the most appropriate integration method for their website and Xero, it was time to start implementing. To do this we developed custom code that updated customer information in Xero in real-time when a customer signed up for a membership or purchased any of the different types of event ticket on offer. 

This code also generated invoices in Xero and processed payments using Xero's Stripe integration. Additionally, we developed a custom callback function that updated the customer's membership status in Scottish Renewables' CRM when an invoice was paid in Xero.

Testing and Troubleshooting

After implementing, we thoroughly tested and troubleshooted the system to ensure everything was working smoothly. We tested customer sign ups and ticket purchases to make sure customer information was being pulled into Xero correctly, invoices were being generated and processed, and callbacks were updating the CRM without errors.

Benefitting from Automated Financial Management

By integrating their website with Xero, Scottish Renewables was able to optimise their financial management and save time. Invoicing and payment processing were automated, reducing the risk of errors and delays. Customer information was updated in real-time, keeping their financial records accurate and up-to-date. Scottish Renewables was also able to generate reports and track their financial performance easily, making it easier to manage their finances and plan for the future.

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