Thoughts & insights.

  • National Code Week 2020 - Wearing Different Hats

    From Project Owner to Web Developer

    In a digital agency, you often need to wear multiple hats but what if you decide to move into a completely different role altogether? Find out how our Project Owner Alex is navigating the world of Web Development.

  • Working From Home

    Working from Home During the Pandemic; What We Learnt as a Team

    What we learnt as a team working from home during the pandemic, including the pros and cons of home-working and our top tips for staying productive.

  • Interview tips for designers

    Interview Tips for Designers

    Looking to start a career in design and UX? Here we share interview tips for designers.

  • Web Design Trends 2020 Banner

    Some Web Design Trends for 2020

    The speed at which our industry grows influences new design trends every year. Discover our favourite 2020 design trends here.

  • Blogging for business home

    Blogging for Business - Should You Do It?

    We've all been there - staring at a blank page waiting for the blog to write itself. We share why business blogs are so important and some tips to get you started.

  • Backing up your data small banner

    Backing up your data

    We are all familiar with the warnings of not backing up our data, whether it be your holiday pictures or that important presentation for work. You want to make sure that your precious data is not lost.

  • instagram-for-business-small-banner

    Instagram for your business: yes or no?

    Hands up if you check Instagram more regularly than any other social media platform? With over 1 billion active accounts worldwide, it’s not hard to see why we check our profiles so often.

  • Social media awards

    Best In-Agency Shortlist Nominees!

    Our Digital Marketing team have been shortlisted for Best In-Agency Team at this year’s UK Social Media Communications Awards! 

  • 20 Years Small Banner

    Our Digital Agency: What We've Learned in 20 Years

    From bedroom start-up to a fully-fledged digital agency, in 20 years a lot has changed. Find out more about tictoc's evolution from our Director, David.

  • Tictoc email newsletter tips 1

    6 Tips to Create Email Newsletters Your Subscribers Will Love

    Tired of your email newsletters hitting the trash folder without being read? Email newsletters are one of the most universally used marketing tools across any business and industry – so it’s important to get them right!

  • Google Translate Featured

    Google Translate: What You Need to Know

    Creating a multilingual version of your site creates an opportunity for you to reach an international audience. Is Google Translate the best option to do this? Certainly not for you, or your users. We look at why you should avoid machine translations.

  • Carousels are bad

    Carousels Are Bad News

    Why are we seeing more websites removing carousels, or new websites being built without them? Well, this is down to the evolving habits of the user, not to mention the devices we use to browse the internet.