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  • Google Grants Making the most

    Google Grants - How to Get the Most from Your Account

    For nonprofits, Google Grants are a huge asset in the digital arsenal. We take a look at how nonprofits both new and old to Google Grants make can make the most of their monthly spend.

  • Good Web Typography

    What Makes Good Web Typography?

    Since the introduction of web fonts in the late 2000’s, designers have fully embraced the web platform as a place that great typography can now be enjoyed.

  • Education Trends 1

    Digital Trends for the Education Industry - 2018 Guide

    As we enter 2018, there are a lot of buzzwords being thrown around in regards to the future of digital: virtual reality, artificial intelligence, micro moments. The list goes on. But, what’s the fluff and what’s really important for your sector?

  • GDPR EU flag

    GDPR - What You Need to Know

    There’s one question on the lips of every website owner in the UK: “what is GDPR and what do I need to do?” Many businesses are finding the details murky, but we’ve prepared the basic breakdown on what you need to do by May 2018.

  • Importance of Colour

    The Importance of Colour in Web Design

    Since early man first learned to use red ochre to graffiti cave walls, colour has been used as a powerful form of communication throughout our history.

  • Rebecca portrait

    What is a Digital Marketing Internship like?

    Throughout the summer, we were delighted to have marketing student, Rebecca McMahon, join us to undertake a summer digital marketing internship. 

  • SEO Long term solution

    The Future of SEO: Getting it Right in 2017

    When it comes to digital marketing, the future of SEO continues to be a hot talking point.

  • Google Tag  Manager 1

    Google Tag Manager: What You Need to Know

    Despite being available for almost five years, Google Tag Manager continues to be a mystery to many marketers. Digital Marketing Manager, Laura McKinnon, shares everything you need to know.

  • How to Innovate

    How to Innovate Online: The Right Way

    Our clients ask us regularly about doing something different or innovative, which is great, however, you first need a solid foundation on which to innovate, and the path to innovation isn’t always smooth, or easy.

  • writing a bug report

    How to Write a Bug Report that Saves You Time and Money

    They may say less is more, but when it comes to bug reports, not providing enough information can be a costly and time-consuming mistake for the client.

  • Journey icon

    Why Building a Website is Like Moving House

    Property fever has overtaken tictoc - with so many members of the team buying a new home or making a move, we’ve come to realise the parallels between moving house and building a website.

  • Social Media Presence

    5 Easy Must-Dos For A Great Social Presence

    Regardless of your business model, in this day and age having some sort of social media presence is an essential. But are you using your social channels to their full potential? We share our top tips to give your social media a much needed boost!