What We Do

Build and Development

There are different website platforms for different brands, just as there are different shoes for different feet. When it comes to build and development, we’re completely flexible to your needs, and never limited by platform.

From handling sizeable custom builds, to simply developing an existing brochure -style site, our developers will be on hand to ensure your core online foundation is sturdy, secure and performs to satisfaction.

Content Management Systems

With so many content management systems out there, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and lost.

With every project, we’ll become an extension of your business and really get to know your company needs to provide the best solution for you.

Feeling the pinch of a limited budget? Nothing’s impossible - we’ll provide the best platform for the job, whether it’s Wordpress, Magento or even Shopify - and help you get more bang for your buck.

Third Party Integration

In today’s playground of digital, it’s very rare to find a site that doesn’t require integration with a third-party service.

It’s not a problem for us - integration is a breeze.

With over a decade of development under our belts, we’re well versed in working with external systems, including inventory management, payment gateways and more.

Have some tricky requirements? Delve into the realms of Kontented for a user-experience like no other. Completely customisable - there’s nothing that is out with the abilities of our preferred platform.

Development for All

We believe in total transparency and trust, so we’ll never work on a platform that doesn’t give you total control.

All our platforms are built with open source technologies, meaning you’re never locked into a difficult situation.