What We Do

Content Creation

Content reigns king across the digital landscape. But, in an over-saturated market of blogs, how-to guides and other lacklustre content, how can your brand really stand out?

The truth is, creating content is easy. But creating content that engages users is very, very hard.

Does your content tie into your SEO strategy? Have you written for a robot or a human? Is your content truly unique or could it be found somewhere else? Does your content align with your brand tone of voice? Above all, does your content resonate with your target audiences? 

It’s a difficult balancing act.

Thankfully, we’re pretty much content acrobatics here at tictoc and creative content is our forte.

It’s Not Just About Writing

Content isn’t just copywriting. In fact, users are far more likely to engage with content that is supported with rich imagery and video.

Try thinking of things from a user’s perspective. A massive text-based tutorial doesn’t seem all that appealing, does it?

It’s all about pulling it together - from repurposing content into infographics, showing your product in action with a video, to interspersing quirky and memorable illustrations throughout your copy.

Let our content gurus guide you on the path to engagement excellence.

Content and SEO

We’re fans of letting things grow organically, but if you don’t keep tabs on your content, it can grow arms and legs with very little to show.

There’s nothing worse than trying to digest dry, repetitive keyword stuffed copy. Content should always be written with the user in mind. If it doesn’t read aloud naturally, you can be sure the search engines will hate it too.

Not to worry though - our interdisciplinary teams will help you to marry engaging content with search engine optimisation, so your content can reach even further.