What We Do

Journey Mapping

You may know what your online channels are meant to do, but do your users? Online experiences should be paved with clear intent.

In today’s digital world, it’s all about creating the most friction-free journey possible. We can't make assumptions on a user's behaviour, so to tackle this, it is essential to review user journeys from an objective perspective.

That’s why we advocate journey mapping right from the very beginning of your project.

Putting ourselves into the shoes of your customer, we’ll work with you to establish the common user paths that occur across your site, taking into account your entire online presence.

Our process for identifying your user journeys is simple. First we begin with the research - talking to you about the nitty gritty of your market - what do your users want? What do you want your users to do?

Next up, we’ll assess the proposed journeys - do they pass our task models? Finally, once we’ve ironed out the technical detail, we’ll throw it into the mixing pot alongside your digital and business strategies and cook up a seamless user experience.

From there, you’ll be able to apply the learnings of the journey mapping and ultimately, get more back from your online channels.

User journeys are very rarely linear, so we’ll help to establish the key touch-points across your online channels for each audience group.