What We Do


Every client is unique - and there’s no one digital solution that fits all.

From the very beginning of your relationship with tictoc, we’ll be helping you to grow your online presence using data-driven insights. This means from the offset, we’ll be helping to craft your bespoke digital strategy with good old market research.

From qualitative to quantitive research, we’ll be on hand to provide you the facts, figures and thoughts of your users - and pave the path to digital success.

The Numbers

Our number-crunching quantitive research will look at your industry, competitors and the digital trends related to your niche. From providing the latest reports and white papers exploring general trends, right through to channel-specific stats and statistics related to your industry - we're here to help you decide what’s hot, what’s not and the tactics you’ll need to be one step ahead of your competitors.

The Users

Qualitative research - or speaking to your users on a one to one basis is potentially the most valuable form of research out there. Talking to your customers will help to build up a picture of what your target audience really wants - and help to shape up your digital strategy.

From traditional surveys to focus groups, we’ll help you to get to the core of what makes your users tick and produce actionable insights that will help to propel forward your online channels.