What We Do


From deriving user stories to defining the requirements of your site or developing your audience personas, our workshops are hands-on, intensive and insightful. Working directly with our teams, no stone will be left unturned - and no risk or opportunity missed.

Many hands make light work, and many minds make for the brightest and best ideas.

Persona Development

There’s nobody that understands your audience better than you. But, sometimes that can be difficult to vocalise or even visualise - that’s where our persona development workshops come into the foray.

We’ll work with you to challenge your assumptions about your users and establish detailed persona profiles based on user behaviour, historical data, as well as quantitive and qualitative research.

By the end of our workshop, you’ll walk away with your core audiences clearly defined - and the results may surprise you.

User Stories

The foundations of a really great website are based on user experience. Taking the cue from our agile process, defining user stories is the pivotal point before the implementation of design and development. User stories will help to address the needs of each of your core audiences, all whilst future proofing your new site.

Our workshops will exhaustively identify every possible user journey - meaning there will be no room for oversight or error in the design and usability of your new site - you can rest assured knowing that the final product will do nothing but delight your users.

Our user stories workshops will identify the most important functionality needed by your users, and prioritise the tasks which must be addressed first in order to serve their needs - streamlining the entire design and development process, ensuring the delivery of your project is speedy and smooth.