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We’re digital. It’s what we do.

At tictoc we supply a complete suite of services that covers every aspect of the digital universe. We don’t just build websites and apps, we develop integrated campaigns and long-term strategies that deliver a real and valuable return on investment for our clients.

tictoc is about strategy, creativity and technology. It’s about big ideas and detail, aesthetics and practicalities. It’s a team of people who love developing online strategy, building websites and crafting stunning design. And the result is inspirational digital.

What sets us apart from other agencies? Certainly not our table tennis skills.

Doing more.

tictoc does everything that other digital agencies do, and more. The ‘more’ comes from the way we approach our work. As well as creating individual projects like websites or social campaigns, our joined-up thinking covers everything from initial strategy development to post-campaign analysis, and everything in between. With us, it’s always about the bigger picture.

We're research addicts

At tictoc, we don’t make a move until we really, really know what we’re talking about. That means thorough, challenging research up front. We go much deeper than a simple Google search, researching competitors, consumer attitudes, national and international legislation, threats, opportunities and anything else that’s relevant. Then we know your audiences and their requirements.

We challenge everything

Even when we’ve done our research, we keep asking questions. In fact, we never stop.  We won’t always agree with you just because you’re the client, for example. And as the world changes - with new technology, fresh ideas and unforeseen competitors coming onto the scene - we’ll review and adjust our strategy as the months and years go by.

We focus on the UX

That’s the User eXperience, and it’s central to everything we do. To develop spot-on strategy, we focus on how the target audience will perceive and interact with our activity. We get inside their heads.

We are a mixed bunch

The collective tictoc cv includes art and design, physics, marketing, bee-keeping, cybernetics and philosophy. Diverse is the word. Each of us brings something different to the party.  And what comes out is (digital) magic.

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There is no point implementing any digital strategy unless you achieve a return on your investment...

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Increased donation levels from organic traffic by 392% for Wood Green.
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Increased traffic levels by 23% for Peter Rabbit on behalf of Penguin.
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Increased course basket click throughs by 354% for Morley College.
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Improved email open rates by 11% on previous campaigns for Lindt.

What do we do, all day, every day?

Making digital is hard work. But when you love it as much as we do, it’s impossible to say where work ends and play begins. That’s why what we do is so much fun. And why it works so hard.

On average our development team consumes 45 litres of coffee per week. That is a lot of coffee.

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