Achieving Results for Nonprofits With Google Ad Grant Support

Google Ad Grants is specifically aimed at nonprofits looking to promote their initiatives on Google search results pages.

We've been working with several of our clients, helping them to manage their PPC campaigns and getting amazing results.

The service may be free but there are a few things to think about before starting any Google Ad Grant PPC campaign:

  • Creating your advert - it must be text only and have a strong call to action
  • Choosing the right keywords
  • Bid management - $2 bid limit and working within that
  • Tracking and reporting to help you to improve over time

Two case studies of our current clients...


Quarriers provides practical care and support for thousands of vulnerable children, adults and families who face challenging circumstances.

Through grant support, Quarriers has been able to grow its pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, the amount of relevant traffic to the Quarriers website has increased and engagement on campaign pages improved.

Intensive keyword analysis helped Quarriers to refine which keywords drove traffic to their site. The Google Ad Grants platform provides a text-only ad service. We used strong calls to action, with clear incentives, that tied in with site content. Traffic levels and site behaviour were then evaluated over time and used to fine-tune the campaign.

  • Overall clicks increased by 75.7%
  • Click-through rate (CTR) increased by 57.6%
  • Cost-per-click (CPC) decreased by 11.1%

Wood Green

Wood Green is one of the UK’s leading animal welfare charities and our latest client to take advantage of Google Ad Grant assistance.

Wood Green received support with their Google Ad Grant application and Adwords account setup - research helped to refine keywords and increase relevant campaign traffic.

Over the space of twelve months a managed PPC campaign saw:

  • Paid search traffic increase by 54.23%
  • Click-through rate increase by more than 80%
  • Cost per click drop by 1.33%


Google also offers additional grant support, Grantspro, to organisations that have maintained an average click-through rate of 1% or higher over the last six months and have hit their budget target of $9,900 USD for at least two months.

Grantspro offers an increased budget of $40,000 USD per month and a daily budget of free advertising worth up to $1,315 USD.

With tictoc’s ongoing support and management Quarriers and Wood Green have qualified for this additional PPC spend - a fantastic achievement and a huge boost for their digital marketing activity! Who wouldn’t want that?

Think you might qualify for the Google Ad Grant? Want to achieve better results? Why not speak to us about how you can make the most of your budget.