Ecosyl launches their new website

Ecosyl – a UK based silage additive market leader with subsidiaries in USA and Canada - appointed tictoc to develop a new website for the company. 

Following an internal rebrand, Ecosyl’s parent company, Volac wanted to redevelop the existing online offering to better reflect the company purpose, vision, values and ultimately help deliver its five year plan.  The site had to demonstrate the history and research behind Ecosyl via the following objectives:

  • Establish Ecosyl as a ‘Power brand’ and a market leader
  • Support the marketing of ‘Best Products’ by improving customer experience
  • Increase brand awareness and make the brand more accessible
  • Showcase the Ecosyl product range
  • Build influential and long-term relationships with our end-users
  • To provide a knowledge-base in order to educate users and present Volac as a trusted authority in silage
  • Generate sales leads

Further phases will be evolved including additional language versions and the development of an online community but you can view the website here.